Are You Looking For A Place For Your Preschool Children To Stay For The Day?

Are you a stay-at-home mom? If so, perhaps you have decided that you need to spend at least a few hours away from your children several times a week, or even daily. After all, no matter how much you love your children, everybody needs a break, right? Or, it might be that you have taken a part-time job because you want to earn some extra spending money, or simply because you want to keep one foot in the business world. [Read More]

What Did She Say? 3 Strategies For Increasing Understanding During Your Child's Preschool Conference

Parent-teacher conferences are one method that your child's teacher uses to highlight their progress while discussing strategies for overcoming challenges. Yet, so much is covered in these meetings that parents often find themselves trying to understand exactly what was said about their child's development. As you prepare for your upcoming conference, use these strategies to get the most out of meeting with your child's teacher. Ask For Clarification Early childhood educators undergo a high level of training and education that enables them to plan activities that meet each child's individual needs in a diverse preschool setting. [Read More]

Tips for Easier Weekday Mornings for Working Parents

Mornings can be hectic enough for parents who have children in school, but working parents who have to start their workday before their child even has the first lesson of the day can have especially difficult mornings. Tired, moody kids and rushed parents make a terrible combination, but there are some simple things you can do to make mornings easier for both you and your children.  Let your kids sleep in their school clothes [Read More]

Five Ways That Kids Benefit From Play

Today's parents and teachers seem to spend significant time and energy focusing on academics, but experts are finding out that play also has a substantial role in positive child development. Following are just five of the many benefits that kids can get from including play in the daily routine. Play Allows Kids to Experience New Perspectives Playing make believe games allows kids to experiment with a wide variety of perspectives and identities. [Read More]